Saturday, November 28, 2015

Collage: November 22-28, 2015

There's a story behind the picture of a praying man with a wedding ring.I usually sleep in late but for some reasons (you'll soon know why) I woke up early on November 23rd and came out of the bed room. Eric was up before me (not unusual since he needed to get ready for work). He told me that today he woke up earlier than usual because he realized he lost his wedding ring! How? When? We prayed. I helped him look at all the places around the house he may have been the day before. He also did lots of outdoor chores the previous day so the ring could have slipped off anywhere. He had a "feeling" that it might have been in our big garbage can. So he dumped all the stuff out. There's a huge mound of leaves and ashes (from our wood stove). We used sticks/twigs to poke & move leaves and ashes around. Sort of looking for a needle in a haystack! His wedding ring is a gold ring and the leaves were yellowish. Within 5 minutes or less, Eric spotted the ring in the big mess! We were elated! We thanked the LORD and hugged & kissed. Wow! So thankful that the day was not the garbage pick-up day and that God helped Eric find it before he left for work; otherwise, I know he would have been thinking about it all day. Also thankful that I got to wake up early to be witnessing this little miracle unfolding right before my eyes!

The funny (or strange) thing is...Eric usually doesn't wear his wedding ring because he doesn't want it to get hurt (it's 23k gold so it's very pliable). But he decided to put it on that day smile emoticon! This picture shows where he keeps the ring when he's not wearing it. After he found it, I washed it and put it back here.
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